Vibration Plate Classes

Originally designed to keep astronauts fit in space, vibration plates are now used by celebrities and athletes alike. In just 10 minutes you can achieve the same as a 1-hour workout in the gym. Our personal trainers have now taken this to the next level combining vibration plates with Pilates and cardiovascular routines. 30- minute classes are of just 4-6 people and our trainers make them great fun.

We have a range of classes to cater for all ages and fitness levels, choose a class to suit you:

Fat Attack: Circuit based with three different exercises interspersed with cardio vascular exercises. Designed for intensive fat burning a reasonable level of fitness and mobility is required. (Loose or gym clothing and trainers essential)

Legs, Bums & Tums: Does what it says on the tin! Suitable for all ages and levels of fitness. Loose clothing required.

Pilates on a plate: A course designed by Pilates specialists to integrate inner core exercises, stretching, toning and strengthening with vibration training. Suitable for all, loose clothing required.

Stretch and flex: A great way to improve flexibility and mobility, suitable for all.

Cellulite Buster: An introduction to vibration training, suitable for all.

Please call for class dates, times and prices

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